Winter 2008
A Passion for Politics
Professor Steven Smith is an expert on government and public policy. Amoung his research interests are the U.S. presidential nomination process and Senate leadership.
Planting Seeds: Using the Law to Help Young People Grow
Professor Kimberly Norwood introduces St. Louis high school students to law and, in the process, encourages them to embrace academic success.
VP Debate: Students Are the Winners
Students were energized and enthused by the University's hosting the only vice presidential debate, and they particpated in many exciting ways.

Understanding the Ancients,
Understanding Ourselves

Alumni archaeologists Michael Cosmopoulos and David Gilman Romano unearth Greece's past, revealing its impact on the present.

At Center's Core Is Helping Children
Alumna Susan Stepleton is president and CEO of Parents as Teachers—an organization that provides parents with child development knowledge and support.

He's Got It Covered
Alumnus David Beckmann has been shaping packaging designs for three decades, ever challenged by providing safe and efficient delivery of consumer products.