Winter 2007
Introduction to Special Issue on Aging:
Exploring the Changing Face of Aging

From psychology to neurology, social work to geriatrics, art to engineering, prominent University faculty address issues related to an aging population.

Understanding ‘a New Stage of Life’
Researchers in the Department of Psychology in Arts & Sciences delve into a broad spectrum of topics relevant to aging: from reasoning abilities to attention and focus, from family relationships to personality and emotions.

Seeking the ‘Mind’s Thief’
Across the University, scientists dedicate themselves to discovering the intricacies of diseases that rob older adults of their mental capabilities. Great strides are being made, especially toward understanding the early stages of Alzheimer's.

Managing Successful Aging
Occupational therapists and geriatricians work together to help older adults maintain meaningful and highly functioning lives. Helping them stay in their own homes is at the top of the list.

Transforming Later Life
De-emphasizing disease and disability, professors across disciplines study and discuss ways that older adults can lead healthy, fulfilled, and civically engaged lives regardless of age.