Winter 2006
Honoring the Danforths
On Sunday, September 17, the University dedicated the Danforth Campus.

Dishing Up Food for Thought
Literary historian Rafia Zafar's research, writings, and teaching blend food and American literature, depicting a cultural identity that is full of different flavors.

Head and Shoulders Above
Civil engineering Professor Kevin Truman has built a distinguished career along the University's threefold mission: teaching, research, and service to society.

A Big Devotion for the Smallest Lives
Associate Professor Terrie Inder uses MRI scans of premature infants' brains to predict future developmental delays and to suggest early interventions.

Giving Children Hope
As associate director of Children's Hope International, alumna Melody Zhang finds purpose in helping children obtain permanent homes and medical assistance.

Living in the Light
Alumnus Robert A. Cohn shares how a dual interest in law and journalism turned into an editorship of the St. Louis Jewish Light.

Where Fitness Comes First
Alumna Allison Slade and others at Namaste Charter School in Chicago are raising academic achievement by first raising children's physical activity.