Winter 2005

Nurturing a Network of Global Leaders

The McDonnell International Scholars Academy establishes worldwide partnerships to prepare tomorrow's leaders for progressively more global challenges.

Weighing Answers to Obesity

At the Center for Human Nutrition, Danforth Professor Samuel Klein and fellow researchers manage obesity and nutrition on multiple fronts.

Clinic Responds to Environmental Calls

In the Interdisciplinary Environmental Clinic, advocate Maxine Lipeles works with co-director Beth Martin and students from law and science disciplines to champion environmental causes.

How Our Memories Shape Us

According to foremost memory scholar Pascal Boyer, what's happening in people's mindspossibly how our brains are organized—influences human cultures.

Educational Pathway Leads Home

American Indian alumni take social work practices back to their people.

He's into Drums

Virtuoso timpanist Jonathan Haas' musical career has been a "wild ride" through classical, jazz, rock, and world music.