Winter 2004

Attracting and Retaining Outstanding Faculty

Extraordinary effort and support during the Campaign translated into 165 new endowed professorships—the best way to compete for pre-eminent faculty across disciplines.

A Bright Future

The successful Campaign for Washington University has allowed the University to "accelerate its ascent" among the world's institutions of higher education and has propelled its mission of teaching, research, and service to higher levels.

Scholarships: A Financial Bridge to Student Success

To ensure the University remains open to all the best students, the Campaign set about raising $175 million to add to the endowment for scholarships. Helping surpass this goal was a generous gift of $25 million by the Enterprise Rent-A-Car Foundation.

Transforming the Educational Experience

A major Campaign goal was to create the highest quality living and learning environments for students across campus—ones that foster interaction, relationship building, and the sharing of knowledge.

Special Report

" do even more to make this a better country, a better society, and yes, a better world."
Campaign for Washington University

One Look: Exquisite

Art alumna Paula Varsalona is one of New York City's top designers of wedding gowns, and she's been making brides and their maids beautiful for 30 years.

Asking Molecular Biology's Big Questions

School of Medicine alumnus James Darnell has been a part of the development of molecular biology for the last 50 years—his lasting contributions have earned him a National Medal of Science.

At Home with Physics

Alumnus Harry Ringermacher applies real physics to industry; in 2004 he was awarded the Mensa Foundation's Copper Black Award for outstanding creative achievement for his groundbreaking work in infrared imaging.