Winter 2003

Clarifying the Convergence of Biotechnology and the Law
An expert in bioethics, Professor Rebecca Dresser explains the complexities of biomedical research and policy to both medical and law students.

Partnering for the Betterment of the Community
Throughout its 150-year history, Washington University has collaborated with many local cultural and scientific institutions; over time, the relationships have changed and grown, yet the mission has stayed the same—to form stronger partnerships for community enrichment.

"Over There": World War I and Washington University
An excerpt from the soon-to-be-published history book, Beginning a Great Work: Washington University in St. Louis, 1853-2003, highlights heroics performed during the war by those affiliated with the University.

Exposing Evolutionary Answers
Professor Jonathan Losos and members of his research team study lizards to understand the origins of diversification and how organisms survive.

Expressions of Faith
Best-selling author Anita Diamant, A.B.'73, shares her faith, the importance of friendships, and a sense of community, in both fact and fiction, with her readers.

Engineering 'Real Time' Reactions
At Aspen Technology, Peter Hanratty, M.S.Ch.E. '88, D.Sc. '91, uses computer modeling to help chemical plants and refineries around the globe run more efficiently.