Summer 2008

A Recipe to Save Young Lives

Professors Mark Manary and Patricia Wolff work tirelessly to end child malnutrition in Africa and Haiti.

Impacting the World—Before Graduation

Undergraduates conduct research with leading faculty and create new knowledge that has a lasting impact not only on their own lives but on society as well.

Economic Evolution

An expansive researcher, Professor Glenn MacDonald weighs in on big business questions, from recessions to investor protection in developing countries.

Open Hearts Open Opportunities

Alumnus George Bauer and his wife, Carol, dedicate themselves to others. Their global stewardship helps newborns, high school and college students, and young women in distress.

Two Kids and a Comic Strip

Alumna Terri Libenson draws from real-life ups and downs to create the funny and thoughtful syndicated comic strip, The Pajama Diaries.

Playing for the Children

The Linus Foundation’s board of directors consists of four young alumni. Sponsoring social events in six cities, they support fun, innovative programs that empower kids.