Summer 2007
Thinking Small May Lead to Big Results in Medical Care
Professors Samuel Wickline and Gregory Lanza are combing the nano-landscape discovering better ways to detect, diagnose, and treat cancer and heart disease.

Courting Change
In her influential research, law Professor Margo Schlanger looks at ways litigation induces institutions, in particular prisons and jails, to reform themselves.

Educating Future World Leaders
Washington University partners with universities around the globe in the McDonnell International Scholars Academy, creating a new model for international cooperation in education and research.

When Work Is 'Play'
Five Washington University alumni find success in writing plays and creating new theater; all grew under the inspiring tutelage of Carter Lewis, the University's playwright-in-residence.

The Race Beat Awakens a Nation
Alumnus Hank Klibanoff won the 2007 Pulitzer Prize for history for The Race Beat, which he co-authored with Gene Roberts. The book tells of brave reporters who covered the civil rights struggle early on.