Summer 2006

Shaping Social Development Around the Globe

The School of Social Work partners with Columbia University and the Open Society Institute to educate students from Central Asia, so they can help build the policy and social service infrastructure their homelands need.

Poetry Is His Perfect Expression

Carl Phillips' award-winning writing reflects the complexities of being human — being flawed and struggling.

California's Delta Blues

Some say the California Delta is destined for Katrina-style flooding along its massive but antiquated system of levees, and Jane Wolff, assistant professor of architecture, is among those fearing the worst.

Knocked Over, but Not Out

New Orleans residents Jarvis DeBerry and Oscar Donahue, both English majors, survived Hurricane Katrina, yet their stories provide a glimpse of a permanent watermark.

Enriching the Lives of Older People

As executive director of the AARP Foundation, alumna Robin Talbert leads the nationwide effort to assist seniors with financial, legal, housing, and health issues.