Summer 2005


Clearing the Air, Cleaning the Water

Engineering Professor Pratim Biswas develops innovative techniques to help solve global environmental problems, from mercury pollution to groundwater contamination.

Illuminating Cuban Literature

Spanish Professor Elzbieta Sklodowska introduces students to the myths, the magic, and the many layers of meaning in Cuban culture and literature.

Working Out New Hope for Children with Cerebral Palsy

Assistant Professor Janice Brunstrom applies new medical therapies and sports and strength training to help children with cerebral palsy become more active and independent.

Picture-Perfect Park

A decade of effort between public and private entities results in a renewed Forest Park—the University's backyard and the "soul of St. Louis."

Architect in Tune with Culture

Alumnus C.P. Wang designs awe-inspiring landmarks, such as Taipei 101, while considering the clients, inhabitants, and especially the building's cultural setting.

Prescription for Good Medical Care

Ever mindful of a physician's responsibility, alumna Pamela Gallin provides special care to her patients, her community, and, through her best-selling medical books, the world.

On Demand Is in Demand

As chief technology officer of, alumnus Dave Moellenhoff develops the world's most trusted on-demand customer relationship management services.