Spring 2010

Religion & Politics at the Center
The University establishes a new center to study the intersection of religion and politics, and to honor the legacy of Sen. John C. Danforth.
Artist Evokes Mysteries of Nature
Professor Patricia Olynyk explores the wonders of life and the intricacies of nature in her acclaimed art installations.
Diabetes: A Formidable Foe
Collaboration provides an essential framework for the multiple departments that are working to build a comprehensive understanding of diabetes.
Focus on Latin America Expands
A highly regarded scholar, Professor Mabel Moraña researches and teaches Latin American colonial and contemporary literature and culture.
A Constant Leader
Alumnus Stanley Proctor has spent 50-plus years working in the chemical engineering field, either as an esteemed employee for Monsanto or as a consultant.
In Step: Working Toward Social Transformations
Alumni Donna Blackwell and Richard Franklin focus on peace and social justice in their respective fields: as CEO of the Desmond Tutu Peace Foundation and as an associate partner for Davis Brody Bond Aedas.