Spring 2006

Recognizing a Theory and Its Application

Engineering Professor Jody O’Sullivan builds on information theory for important uses in both the medical and military arenas.

Philosopher Explores Autonomy as Self-Determination

Professor Marilyn Friedman reflects on the big questions regarding female autonomy.

A Center Called Hope

Washington University has teamed up with Hope Happens to create the Hope Center for Neurological Disorders, where fundamental discoveries in one disease might lead to treatments in many others.

Seizing the Lion’s Share

Leading the pride at Lionsgate is powerful strategist, alumnus Jon Feltheimer, the CEO whose agile indie studio is captivating audiences, critics, and shareholders.

The Top Player in the Ratings Game

Alumna Patricia Vance presides over the Entertainment Software Rating Board, educating consumers about the content of computer and video games.

Military Action Against Malaria

The infectious disease research of several medical alumni, who are Army colonels, assists our military personnel as well as civilian populations worldwide.