Spring 2005
Hard-Working Model
An innovative researcher and devoted teacher, Professor Carl Bender is changing the way physicists look at quantum mechanics.

Untangling Genetic Roots of Disease
With equal intensity, Professor Alison Goate searches for genetic mutations responsible for several neuropsychiatric disorders, including Alzheimer's disease, alcoholism, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

Art & Science: An Intriguing Blend
Professor Ron Leax's cerebral artwork mixes science with the materials of daily life.

Stem Cells Hold Great Promise
In the hopes of alleviating diseases such as Alzheimer's, diabetes, and Parkinson's, University scientists urge Missouri legislators not to ban the research procedure "somatic cell nuclear transfer."

Remembering the 'Forgotten Half'
Alumnus Samuel Halperin's landmark study reveals the obstacles faced by non-college-bound youth in today's economy. His current focus is educating legislators on possible solutions.

Financial Career Adds Up to PBS
Alumna Barbara Levy Landes wields a "can-d0" attitude, bringing inspiration and positivity to her role as CFO of PBS, as a volunteer for Girls Inc. and WomenMatter, and as a mother of two young women.

Looking Skyward, Writer Earns His Wings
Like a journalist with a poet's eye, Christopher Cokinos, M.F.A.W. '91, pursues stories of the obscure and natural—from extinct birds to meteorite hunters.