Serving New Alumni: Life After Graduation

Outstanding student leaders are a hallmark of Washington University. Helping these student leaders become alumni leaders is a new program being coordinated by the Alumni Association. 

Student leaders from the undergraduate classes of 2004 and 2005 (dubbed the "Alumni Transition Team") have gathered with representatives of the Alumni Association during their senior year to determine the best way to ease the transition from campus life to the alumni world, while helping retain class unity.

For the Class of 2004, the association joined with senior class leaders in producing life after school. explained., a book of helpful advice on everything from how to prepare for a critical interview to setting up a retirement account. The Alumni Association also helped pave the way for students to retain their University e-mail address beyond graduation. More than two-thirds of the Class of 2004 signed on.

The University's Alumni Association joined with senior class leaders from the Class of 2004 to produce life after school. explained., a reference book of helpful advice from proper dining etiquette to the "ins" and "outs" of retirement accounts.

J.J. Stupp, M.B.A. '83, chair of the Alumni Board of Governors, comments: "Student leaders have helped us understand that we need to better articulate the benefits, not just the responsibilities, of being an alum. They know our University does a fantastic job in raising the funds necessary to move Washington University forward (and that they'll be called upon to help). However, it is clear that we need to make them aware that there are also many advantages to life as an alum. Things like career networking, social and academic opportunities, not to mention the ability to stay meaningfully involved in the life of the University."

Benefits for Alumni ... New and Old (as well as parents and friends!)
The Alumni Association coordinates a wide variety of programs encouraging lifelong association with Washington University. Alumni are encouraged to take advantage of the activities and services available because of their ties with the University. All programs are available without alumni dues, and most are open to alumni, parents, and friends. For more information, visit the Alumni Association online at or call us at (314) 935-5212.

Washington University Clubs
Connect with our community at 40 Washington University Clubs around the world. Participate in faculty presentations, community service, sporting events, cultural outings, and more.

Career Connections
Parents and alumni can join this international network of Washington University community members who have volunteered to provide insight on their education and career paths.

Rings & Things
The official Washington University ring, gifts, accessories, and apparel may be ordered online at Click on "New for Alumni, Parents, and Friends."

Online Alumni Directory
Password-protected and designed exclusively for the use of Washington University alumni, the Alumni Directory allows you to update your address, locate a classmate, or find alumni in your community. To log on, you'll need the seven-digit Alumni Identification Number that appears above your name on the back of your Washington University in St. Louis magazine.

Celebrate with your classmates and renew old friendships. For undergraduate alumni, Reunion is held in the spring—5th Reunion classmates celebrate during Thurtene Carnival weekend and older classmates in conjunction with Commencement. Reunions for graduate alumni vary, and you will be notified by your school.

Library Links
Alumni, parents, and friends can take advantage of the University Libraries' special page of links and searchable databases.

The Travel Program
One of the Alumni Association's greatest commitments to lifelong learning is our Travel Program, offering more than a dozen international and domestic trips each year, many led by University faculty members.

News of Note
Watch for Washington University in St. Louis Magazine four times a year, in addition to news and invitations from your school. One of the many benefits of having your e-mail on file with the Online Alumni Directory is the monthly e-mail newsletter @Washington University in St. Louis.

Your Records
Student transcripts are now available without a fee!

Special Events
If you live in the St. Louis area, or when you visit, take advantage of educational opportunities on campus, including alumni Century Club breakfasts, the Assembly Series lectures, the Travel Lecture Series, and courses offered through the various academic divisions. Alumni are invited to Founders Day each fall, a gala evening featuring prominent speakers.