Spring 2004


Revolutionizing Medical Research and Patient Care
Expanding on the successes of the medical school's Genome Sequencing Center, Washington University is poised to transform health care. The University is creating and merging three new interdisciplinary research units into one expansive initiative—BioMed 21.

After the A, B, C's
Psychology Professor Rebecca Treiman is among the world's leading experts in literacy and spelling development; her discoveries about how children learn language skills are important to scientists and schoolteachers alike.

The Architectural Wonders of the Aegean World
Four decades of teaching and research culminate in Constantine E. Michaelides' authoritative—and lavishly illustrated—"scholarly guidebook" to the historic Greek islands, The Aegean Crucible.

A Successful "Experiment": The Conquering Spirit of Alice Belcher
Mary Alice Belcher was the first female student to attend the Collegiate Department at the University in 1870.

Picturing the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
As an "embedded photographer" during Operation Iraqi Freedom, alumnus Ben Lowy, B.F.A. '01, chronicled the assault on the 101st Airborne.

Under Wraps
Named one of the world's top young innovators by Technology Review, alumna Lorrie Cranor, B.S. '92, M.S. '93, M.S. '96, D.Sc. '96, works to protect your private information on the Web. She also lends her creativity to quilt-making.

Behind the Facades
Alumni of the Thurtene Honorary recall their experiences with the magical Thurtene Carnival.