Fall 2004

Overseeing Rover
On the Mars Exploration Rover Mission, Professor Ray Arvidson is the University's lead investigator, analyzing and archiving data sent from rovers Spirit and Opportunity.

University Touched by Olympic Flame
Former volleyball coach Teri Clemens shares her experience carrying the torch during the St. Louis Olympic Torch Relays.

Champion of Infection Control
Professor Victoria Fraser fights infectious diseases, from controlling hospital-based contagions to treating women and children infected with HIV/AIDS.

Supporting Student's Growth and Well-Being
When students need guidance with the demands of academics, relationships, or managing college life in general, the University provides a strong, campus-wide safety net.

Drug Manufacturing Overhaul
In a collaborative FDA study of the pharmaceutical industry, Associate Professor Jackson Nickerson is researching innovative ways to improve pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Retracing the Voyage of Steinbeck and Ricketts
Marine biologist William Gilly, Ph.D. '78, and a small crew sailed the Gulf of California researching organisms, much as John Steinbeck and Edward Ricketts did more than 60 years ago.

Building a Business with Heart
Joyce Shufro-Espinosa, A.B. '81, is one of the few successful female commercial general contractors in the Tampa Bay area. For the past 12 years, she has been building Heart Construction.

(Aero) Dynamic Engineer
Associate Professor Michael Polites, B.S. '67, spent more than 30 years working on space projects for NASA; he now shares his engineering expertise with students at the University of Alabama.