Summer 2010

In Haiti for the Long Haul
Members of the university community answer the call to serve, helping Haitians in their hour of great need.
Resolved to Make a Difference
Professor Karen Tokarz parlays some 28 years of leading the law school's Clinical Education Program into directing the school's Dispute Resolution Program.
Causes of the Collapse
Anjan Thakor, professor of finance, analyzed the intersecting phenomena that led to "infectious leverage" and, as a result, our current economic downturn.
A Sporting Life
Complementing his success in real estate and urban development, Lewis Wolff, MBA ’61, enjoys owning professionals sports teams, such as the Oakland A's.
Generating Enthusiasm for Scientific Exploration
Robert Panoff, MA ’79, PhD ’85, founded Shodor Education Foundation in the mid-1990s to change and ultimately improve math and science education.
An Instrument of Harmony
To Aurelia Hartenberger, PhD ’81, music and art help us understand diversity. Her collection of nearly 3,000 world music instruments reflects a deep appreciation for global cultures.