Acquiring Knowledge Around the Globe

Alhambra, Granada, Spain

2009 Travel Program offers learning and service opportunities

Each year the Alumni Association Travel Committee selects a variety of travel destinations for alumni and friends. These trips allow participants to visit interesting places around the world and offer unparalleled learning experiences.

Tom Lowther, J.D. ’62, M.L.A. ’99, chairman of the Washington University Travel Committee, says participants now have another option: to reach out to people of other countries. “In partnership with the Gephardt Institute for Public Service at the University, we have contracted with Cross Cultural Solutions for Insight Abroad, a service trip for all ages to Peru,” he says. “We hope alumni and friends will consider this unique travel opportunity to work side-by-side with people in the community of Villa El Salvador—a shanty-town nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for Social Development. Many opportunities exist to volunteer in day-care centers, schools, women’s groups, and more.”

Lowther states that all of the Alumni Association travel programs are outstanding. “My fellow Travel Committee members and I strongly encourage alumni to participate in 2009,” he says.

For more information or to request a brochure on the 2009 Travel Program, please contact the Alumni Association Travel Program Office at 314-935-7378 or 866-WUTRIPS, or send an e-mail to Visit the Association’s Web site at for the latest information.

Milica Banjanin
Professor Emerita of Russian and Comparative Literature

Banjanin received her bachelor’s degree from Washington University in 1961 and her doctorate in 1970. She taught at WUSTL from 1964 to 2005, chairing the Department of Russian from 1986 to 2005. Throughout her tenure, she introduced a wide range of courses on different aspects of 20th-century Russian literature and culture.

She is the author of a number of articles on the Russian avant-garde and on the interrelationship between Russian poetry and art. Her most recent publications discuss the transformation of time in Russian modernist poetry and the relationship between nature and culture in Russian literary and artistic imagination. Banjanin has studied, conducted archival research, and traveled extensively in Russia and Eastern Europe. Among many honors, she received the Arts & Sciences Faculty Award and a Fulbright fellowship.

Join Professor Banjanin in Russia next July.

Nancy E. Berg
Associate Professor of Modern Hebrew Language and Literature, and of Comparative Literature

Berg teaches courses on Israeli literature, culture, and society at Washington University. For several years, she has lived and worked in Cairo, Jerusalem, and Tel Aviv. Her first book, Exile from Exile, explores the writings of Israeli Jews from Iraq, heirs to the longest continuous Jewish community—Babylonian Jewry. In her next book, More and More Equal, she analyzes the literary career of writer Sami Michael, a champion of human rights and the underdog. His increasing popularity and critical acclaim reflect changes in Israeli society, especially attitudes toward immigrants. Berg also has written several articles on Israel.

Join Professor Berg in Israel next March.

Founders Day 2008
Founders Day honors the University’s rich history and promising future. This year’s celebration took place at the America’s Center on November 8, 2008. Jon Meacham, editor of Newsweek, gave the keynote address. Distinguished alumni, faculty, and friends were recognized for their contributions to the University:

Robert S. Brookings Award
• Harvey A. and Dorismae Hacker, A.B. ’42, Friedman

• Harry, A.B. ’68, and Susan Seigle

Distinguished Alumni Awards
• John Berra, B.S.S.S.E. ’69
President, Emerson Process Management

• Mel F. Brown, A.B. ’57, J.D. ’61
Retired President and CEO, Deutsche Financial Services

• Hank Klibanoff, A.B. ’71
Author and 2007 Pulitzer Prize winner, The Race Beat: The Press, the Civil Rights Struggle, and the Awakening of a Nation

• Leslie F. Loewe, A.B. ’42
Retired Chairman, Angelica Corporation

• Sandy Loewentheil, A.B. ’76
Vice Chairman, L&M Development Partners Inc.

• Cynthia Weese, A.B. ’62, B.S. ’65
Principal, Weese Langley Weese Architects, Ltd.

Distinguished Faculty Awards
• Elizabeth C. Childs
Chair and Associate Professor, Department of Art History & Archaeology, Arts & Sciences

• Dorsey Daniel Ellis, Jr.
William R. Orthwein Distinguished Professor of Law Emeritus and Dean Emeritus, School of Law

• Robert J. Rothbaum
Professor of Pediatrics, School of Medicine

• Gautam N. Yadama
Associate Professor of Social Work and Director of International Programs, George Warren Brown School of Social Work



2009 Travel Program Schedule
January 25–February 7
Australia and New Zealand

March 7–16
Alumni Campus Abroad: Israel

Featuring Professor Nancy E. Berg

March 8–14
Costa Rica Explorer

April 11–18
One Week in London

April 28–May 11
Alumni Campus Abroad: Ukraine on the Dnieper River

April 29–May 18
Singapore to Dubai

May 8–16
Saxony on the Magnificent Elbe River

May 13–21
Alumni Campus Abroad: Tuscany

May 15–22
One Week in Paris

May 19–27
Village Life Along the Dalmatian Coast

June 8–16
Alumni Campus Abroad: Iceland

June 20–27
Service Trip, Insight Abroad: Lima, Peru

June 23–July 1
Alumni Campus Abroad: Lucca

July 16–29
Cruise the Passage of Peter the Great

Featuring Professor Milica Banjanin

September 8–16
Alumni Campus Abroad: Provence

September 10–25
China and the Silk Road

September 13–21
Alumni Campus Abroad: Swiss Alps and Italian Lakes

September 23–October 3
Spain at Leisure

October 2–12
Treasures of Tanzania

October 11–21
Budapest, Vienna, and Prague Discovery