Alumni Association Web Site: A Work in Progress

In the fast-paced world of computer technology, keeping up-to-date is a constant challenge.

This spring, the Alumni Association conducted a comprehensive review of its Web site to ensure that it continues to meet the needs of alumni, students, parents, and friends. 

A committee of 12 Washington University graduates participated, chaired by Tom Feichtinger, B.S.C.S. '86.

A global director for common systems architecture at General Motors Corporation, Feichtinger serves as vice chair for careers and technology on the Alumni Board of Governors at Washington University.

"Our alumni Web site serves a lot of different constituents, so there is no one answer for everyone," Feichtinger explains. "Students and younger alumni may be most interested in careers and networking. People who live outside the St. Louis area want to feel connected to the University community and with clubs and events in their area. Many people are interested in specific services and information, or links to other programs at the University, such as the Alumni and Parents Admission Program.

"We considered all the available options," he continues. "Then we asked ourselves: What would be of the greatest value to our users? Which features would encourage people to visit the Alumni Association Web site regularly?" To ensure a comprehensive review, the committee consisted of alumni from schools across the University and from every generation. The group was diverse by design, including members representing different volunteer interests and varying levels of computer savvy—some use online services regularly, some rarely.

"We employed a three-step process," Feichtinger says. "First, we reviewed the Web sites of other leading universities. We looked at the features they offer, how easy they are to navigate, how accessible and 'user-friendly' they are.

"Second, we surveyed a random sample of Washington University alumni for whom we had e-mail addresses. Questions ranged from their use of our Web site to their interests, age, geographical location, and other demographics. Then we compared the answers with data from previous surveys.

"The third step was reviewing the Alumni Association Web site. After conferring by e-mail and conference calls, the committee presented a set of recommendations to the Alumni Board of Governors in April."

Visit the Alumni Association Web site soon and click on the link to participate in the survey; then watch for changes to come from this work in progress.



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