CLASSMATES — Spring 2009


In Memoriam
Jacob E. Sigoloff, LW 27; Dec. ’08 • W. Vernon Tietjen, LA 31; Nov. ’08 • William D. Waller, Jr., BU 33; Oct. ’08 • Charles Silverberg, LA 34, MD 38; Nov. ’08 • Jesse (Evans) Walther, NU 34; Nov. ’08 • Virginia (Hogg) Wilkinson, GR 34; Oct. ’08 • Carl Gallop, LW 35; Dec. ’08 • Roy W. Westerfeld, DE 35; Nov. ’08 • Robert M. Morris, EN 36; Nov. ’08 • Josephine (Sunkel) Noland, LA 36; Nov. ’08 • Preston H. Williams, EN 36; Sept. ’08 • Marion M. Koch, LA 37; June ’08 • Thomas E. Davis, BU 38; Aug. ’08 • A. Franklin Martin, LW 38; Aug. ’08 • Dorothy (Wobus) Rosebrough, LA 38; Oct. ’08 • Milton M. Sandstein, BU 39; Nov. ’08

Edward W. Czebrinski, LA 40, MD 43; Oct. ’08 • Ole Slind, Jr., MD 40; Sept. ’08 • Sterling F. Tremayne, LW 40, LA 40; Nov. ’08 • William E. M. Uhlemeyer, LA 41; Nov. ’08 • Ann (Lewis) Antrim, LA 42; Oct. ’08 • Norma (Ratliff) Cassel, NU 42; Aug. ’08 • Esther (Throop) Coil, LA 42, GR 77; Sept. ’08 • Warren M. Jolley, EN 42; March ’08 • Marvin Blitz, BU 43; Oct. ’08 • Conrad DeBold, MD 43; May ’08 • Jerald Gershon, BU 43; Oct. ’08 • Suzanne (Mason) Klippel, LA 43; Nov. ’08 • Dorothy (Ross) Moog, UC 43, OT 43; Sept. ’08 • Corinne (Lawrence) Schram, FA 43; Dec. ’08 • Edwin G. Hoffmann, SI 44; Sept. ’08 • D. Williams McClurken, LA 44; Aug. ’08 • Joe (Shuffield) Niesen, SW 44; July ’08 • Robert M. Bond, MD 45; Oct. ’08 • Donald H. Kausler, LA 47, GR 51; Nov. ’08 • Laura (Cutter) Scissors, BU 47; Dec. ’08 • Jack N. Bohm, LW 48; Oct. ’08 • Melford N. Cohen, BU 48; Nov. ’08 • Samuel A. Goldblatt, BU 48, LW 51; Nov. ’08 • Harriet (Schneider) Holdgrafer, BU 48; Sept. ’08 • James M. Lansche, LA 48, MD 52; Nov. ’08 • Everett R. Lerwick, MD 48; Dec. ’08 • Herbert D. Roy, EN 48; Nov. ’08 • Carl O. Wettig, EN 49; March ’08

Loyd T. Carr, Jr., LA 50, GR 51; Oct. ’08 • J. Carl Ellston, BU 50; May ’08 • Harry A. Sander, BU 50; Nov. ’08 • Robert H. Blanke, BU 51, LW 66; Oct. ’08 • Roger W. Bucknell, EN 51; Nov. ’08 • Alexis F. Hartmann, Jr., MD 51, MD 51; Oct. ’08 • Ralph W. Hartmann, BU 51, GB 58; Nov. ’08 • Doris (Weinhaus) Kaufman, LA 51; Sept. ’08 • Timothy R. McCarthy, EN 51; Oct. ’08 • Sidney J. Thomson, EN 51; Nov. ’08 • William G. Tipton, BU 51; Oct. ’08 • Joseph B. Bohac, EN 52; Oct. ’08 • Roland R. Hogan, EN 52; Dec. ’08 • James R. Sylvester, LA 52; July ’08 • Thomas F. Moloney, BU 53; Sept. ’08 • Wallace J. Morgan, DE 53; March ’08 • Barbara (Peters) Vosefski, FA 53; Dec. ’08 • Robert D. Higginbotham, GR 54, LA 54; June ’08 • Richard F. Janssen, Jr., LA 54; June ’08 • Daniel O. Layton, Jr., BU 54; March ’08 • William E. Tucker, UC 54; Sept. ’08 • Rosella (Hoffmann) Touchstone, UC 55; Sept. ’08 • Charles P. Duncker, EN 56; Dec. ’08 • Edward P. Giesecke, GR 56; Nov. ’08 • Richard F. Stevens, GB 56; Dec. ’08 • Kay (Keck) Stouffer, FA 56; Jan. ’08 • Raymond J. Mahach, BU 57; Oct. ’08 • Lillian (Malpassi) Passini, NU 57; Sept. ’08 • Fred J. Wehrle, Jr., FA 57; Nov. ’08 • F. Roger Hemker, LW 58; Oct. ’08 • Elmer H. Payne, EN 58, SI 63; Dec. ’08 • Ronald J. Betz, EN 59; Dec. ’08 • Bruce G. Bollmann, FA 59; July ’08 • Herbert P. Jaekel, LA 59; Nov. ’08 • William R. Shadid, DE 59; Nov. ’0

Donald C. Kirkpatrick, EN 60, EN 61, SI 64; Oct. ’08 • David A. Schmelig, EN 60; Dec. ’08 • Rickey D. Rogers, GR 61; Nov. ’08 • Mary E. Eaton, SW 62; March ’08 • Ralph R. Edminster, MD 62; April ’08 • Marie (Perkins) Zachary, LA 62; Nov. ’08 • Sandra Craig-Dent, NU 63; Feb. ’07 • Byron W. Jackson, Jr., BU 63; Sept. ’08 • Robert J. Arnzen, EN 64, SI 67, SI 69; Nov. ’08 • Forrest C. Hardin, Jr., UC 64; Sept. ’08 • Bert I. Sweeney, UC 64; Oct. ’08 • Lillie Davis, GR 65; Nov. ’08 • John P. Murray, MD 66; July ’08 • William A. Schainker, BU 66; May ’08 • Roger L. Hantak, TI 67; Oct. ’08 • Robert J. Muehlbach, UC 67; July ’08 • Milton D. Dry, UC 68; Oct. ’08 • David L. Landes, GR 68, GR 73; Oct. ’08 • Nissel (Rosenbaum) Byers, GR 69; Dec. ’08 • John D. Matthews, LA 69; Nov. ’08

Boykin McCaa, Jr., GR 71; Sept. ’08 • David G. Myers, EN 72; Nov. ’08 • Wyvetter (Hoover) Younge, GL 72; Dec. ’08 • Charles E. Hook, GF 73; March ’08 • Peter A. Dinardo, GR 74; Sept. ’08 • Andrew L. Granat, LW 74; Nov. ’08 • Scott D. Thatcher, LW 76; Sept. ’08 • Phillip F. Straubinger, UC 78; Dec. ’08 • Diane Rothschild, GA 79; Aug. ’08

Michael R. King, LA 80; Oct. ’08 • Keith L. Parker, GR 81, MD 81; Dec. ’08 • Robert C. Mitchell, BU 82; Aug. ’08 • Audrey (Rogers) Femmer, UC 83, GR 89; Oct. ’08 • Mary R. Balogh, FA 84; Sept. ’08 • Rhea L. Jacobs, GB 87; Aug. ’08 • John M. Sanders, GB 88; Sept. ’08

Steven M. Robertson, UC 92, GR 95; June ’07 • Donna (Pirano) Sater, GR 92; Dec. ’08 • Cary L. Talbot, LW 97; Nov. ’08

In Remembrance
George Anselevicius
George Anselevicius, former dean of the School of Architecture at Washington University, died Thursday, October 2, 2008.

Born in Lithuania in 1923, he immigrated to the United States in 1947. He worked as a designer for Skidmore Owings and Merrill in Chicago and Minoru Yamasaki in Detroit. In 1949, Anselevicius received his first teaching job at Chicago’s Institute of Design. He joined the faculty at Washington University in 1957 as an assistant professor.

Anselevicius established a practice with fellow professor Roger Montgomery, and their firm received several design awards for projects in the area. During his time at the University, Anselevicius was promoted to associate professor and then full professor before becoming acting dean of architecture. He was named dean in 1968, serving in that capacity until 1973.

Initiatives included urban design research in Missouri and abroad, as well as the Community Design Workshop and collaborative programs with the social work and business schools.

After leaving St. Louis, Anselevicius was chair of architecture at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Design and later helped establish the architecture program at the State University of New York at Buffalo. In 1981, he was appointed dean of the University of New Mexico School of Architecture and Planning. He held the position until his retirement in 1993.

Elizabeth K. Barry
Elizabeth K. Barry, a first-year student in Arts & Sciences at the University, died Monday, December 8, 2008.

Barry was a 2008 graduate of Homewood-Flossmoor Community High School in Flossmoor, Illinois.

She was a member of the University crew team and had participated in Leadership Through Service, a program that involves community service, leadership training, and workshops. Barry recently had signed up to take part in sorority recruitment.

Donald Finkel
Donald Finkel, a celebrated poet at the University, died Saturday, November 15, 2008.

He was a longtime resident of University City, Missouri, and poet-in-residence emeritus of English in Arts & Sciences at Washington University. His work examined the relationships between humans and animals and between contemporary life and mythology, the urge to explore, and the anxieties and joys of ordinary life.

In 1968, he signed on with a scientific expedition to Antarctica sponsored by the National Science Foundation. It was a government program for artists, and Finkel became the first poet to go there.

Finkel joined the University community in 1960 with his wife, the late poet and novelist Constance Urdang. Finkel and Urdang were founding members of the University’s graduate Writing Program in the mid-1970s.

A portrait of Finkel, who retired from the University in 1991, was installed in Olin Library in October 1998 as part of the library’s visible testimony to the efforts of those gifted writers who created what is today a prestigious master of fine arts writing program.

He wrote 14 books of poetry, with long narrative and frequently humorous free verse. His writing won prestigious awards and was nominated for the National Book Award and the National Book Critics Circle Award.

Genevieve L. “Jean” Gains
Genevieve L. “Jean” Gaines, former director of commencement at the University, died Wednesday, December 17, 2008.

When she retired from the University in 2002, Gaines had served 56 years there under six chancellors. She held the record for longest continuous service.

As director of commencement, she planned and directed the annual graduations in the Washington University Quadrangle for more than 40,000 students over the course of 40 years.

Gaines began working at the University in 1946 in the Office of the Registrar and was promoted from secretary to administrative assistant to the associate registrar.

Herbert F. Hitzeman, Jr.
Herbert F. Hitzeman, Jr., senior vice chancellor emeritus, died Friday, January 16, 2009. He was 81.

Under Hitzeman’s leadership, Washington University completed three successful fundraising campaigns, culminating in the Alliance for Washington University, which raised $630.5 million upon its completion in December 1987.

At the time of his retirement, Hitzeman had become one of the most successful fundraisers in the history of American higher education, raising in excess of $1 billion in gift support.

A lifelong resident of St. Louis, Hitzeman, B.F.A. ’53, returned to the University 13 years after graduation as a development officer in 1966. During his 24 years of service, he also oversaw the revitalization of the overall public relations program, which significantly improved the University’s national recognition. He was promoted to vice chancellor in 1975 and named senior vice chancellor for university relations in 1983.

In 2007, he and his wife, Jane, established the Jane Reuter Hitzeman and Herbert F. Hitzeman, Jr. Professor of Art in the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts. In 1991, Hitzeman received the University’s distinguished alumni award and also was honored with the William Greenleaf Eliot Society’s prestigious “Search Award.”

Upon his retirement in 1990, WUSTL dedicated the Herbert F. Hitzeman, Jr. Residence Hall in his honor and, in 2005, established the Herbert F. Hitzeman, Jr. Leadership Award, given annually to a resident of the hall.

From 1945–48, Hitzeman served on active duty as a radioman, first class, in the U.S. Coast Guard. In 1950, he was an organizing member of the Coast Guard Reserve Unit in St. Louis.

Hitzeman is survived by his wife of 57 years, Jane Reuter Hitzeman; son, John; and two grandchildren.

Michael King
Michael King, A.B. ’80, University City Police Sergeant, died on Friday, October 31, 2008. He was killed in the line of duty.

King was a lifelong University City, Missouri, resident and a 25-year veteran of the University City Police Department. An avid fisherman and hunter, he served as a St. Charles sheriff’s deputy and a probation and parole officer before joining the University City department. He started as a field training officer and an investigator in the detective bureau and often mentored young officers.

King is survived by his wife, Susan, and his parents, M. Kenton King and June King. M. Kenton King served as dean of the School of Medicine from 1964 to 1989.

Charles M. Wolfe
Charles M. Wolfe, professor emeritus of electrical engineering in the School of Engineering & Applied Science, died Saturday, October 18, 2008.

Wolfe joined Washington University in 1975. In 1991, he became a member of the National Academy of Engineering for achievements in synthesis and characterization for semiconductors. He was honored specifically for his work in developing and purifying gallium arsenide compounds for their use in high-speed analog and digital integrated circuits for a variety of electronic applications. He was one of only five WUSTL engineers to be elected a member of the National Academy of Engineering.

He served as the Samuel C. Sachs Chair of Electrical Engineering from 1982 to 1990. He became professor emeritus in 1998.

Before joining the University, Wolfe was a staff member of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Lincoln Laboratory from 1965 to 1975.

He was a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, serving from 1955 to 1958.

Edith L. Wolff
Edith L. Wolff, St. Louis businesswoman and philanthropist, died Friday, December 26, 2008.

She and her husband, Alan, long were dedicated to community service and philanthropy in the St. Louis area and for more than 30 years directed funds for medical research to the School of Medicine.

Following Alan’s death in 1989, Wolff became president of Wolff Construction, which was founded by her husband in the late 1940s. The company focuses on real estate investment and management and leasing of commercial buildings.

She established two professorships at the University. In 1999, she endowed the Alan A. and Edith L. Wolff Professorship in Medicine to support progress in understanding cancer. In 2003, she endowed the Alan A. and Edith L. Wolff Distinguished Professorship in Medicine. She also was a life member of the University’s William Greenleaf Eliot Society.

She made a gift to the University in 2007 to establish The Alan A. and Edith L. Wolff Institute within the School of Medicine to provide funds to advance the most promising areas of biomedical research.

In addition to her charitable giving to the University, Wolff contributed to Barnes-Jewish Hospital Foundation, St. Louis ARC and its Childgarden School, Life Skills Foundation, Miriam Foundation, and Rainbow Village Foundation.

Wolff’s significant charitable contributions have been recognized by numerous awards from the organizations that she benefited. She received the Robert S. Brookings Award in 1996 from the University’s Board of Trustees, and she was awarded an honorary doctorate in 2004 in recognition of her extraordinary support for medical research.

I.E. Millstone
I.E. Millstone, B.S. ’27, a prominent St. Louis businessman and philanthropist, died Saturday, May 16, 2009.

He began his career in business at the United Hebrew Temple, where as a boy he established a coat-checking service. Later, Millstone established himself as a major builder of roads and public facilities both in the St. Louis region and in Israel.

Beginning in 1930 and thriving over the next eight decades, his business, Millstone Construction, was engaged in almost every major project of consequence in St. Louis from paving runways at Lambert Field to building the double-decked highways that shot U.S. 40-64 through downtown; from the erection of the graceful apartment towers along Skinker Boulevard to construction of the old Busch Stadium and Northwest Plaza. Many of Millstone’s projects, such as Milles Fountain near Union Station, have stood the test of time.

In the 1950s, Millstone donated the grounds for the Jewish Community Center in St. Louis. The campus is named in his honor.

Millstone had an international impact, as well. Not long after the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948, he was called upon to help build the infrastructure of the new Jewish state. He built housing for refugees and led that nation in its public housing efforts.

At Washington University, dozens of students attend, and have attended, on Millstone grants. His foundation has contributed millions to the Mathews-Dickey Boys’ and Girls’ Clubs, the United Way, the Boy and Girl Scouts, Operation Food Search, Saint Louis University, the Saint Louis Symphony, the American Cancer Society, and at least 100 other charities.

A life member of the University’s Board of Trustees, Millstone received an honorary degree in 1994.

Millstone’s obituary also will appear in the fall 2009 print version of Washington University in St. Louis magazine.

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Alumni Codes

AR Architecture
BU Business
DE Dentistry
EN Engineering
FA Art
GA Grad. Architecture
GB Grad. Business
GD Grad. Dentistry
GF Grad. Art
Grad. Law
Grad. Medicine
GN Grad. Nursing
GR Grad. Arts & Science
HA Health Care Admin.

HS House Staff
LA Arts & Sciences
LW Law
MD Medicine
MT Manual Training
NU Nursing
OT Occupa. Therapy
PT Physical Therapy
SI Sever Institute
SU Sever Inst. Undergrad
SW Social Work
TI Tech. & Info. Mgmt.
UC University College

Robert McCarthy, EN 42, SI 47, is a retired chemical engineer. He enjoys his grandchildren and warm weather.
Ed Rhodes, BU 43, is president of Focustar Consulting and works in strategic planning and brainstorming. He is active on the boards of the Roger Bacon Charter Day School and the Wilmington (N.C.) Symphony Orchestra. Rhodes enjoys rowing his dinghy on the Intercoastal Waterway. He and his wife, Mary-Lou, plan on moving to Seattle/Kirkland in 2009. Mary-Lou is a Juilliard-trained classical pianist.
Carol (Will) Coats, NU 47, and her husband, John, celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in India in 2007 on the Palace on Wheels train. The couple enjoys good health and resides in Colorado. They have four children and 12 grandchildren. Carol is a nine-year breast cancer survivor.
Jean Aderton Stewart, NU 48, NU 49, and her husband, John, are enjoying retirement in Pebble Beach, Calif. Their son, John, lives with them part time. The couple is active with the Washington University Alumni Club of the Bay Area.
Murray S. Jaffe, HS 49, is enrolled at the College of Charleston, where he is taking sculpture. He attends medical and surgical grand rounds weekly at the Medical College of South Carolina. Jaffe also enjoys running and exercising.

Mark E. Mason,
LA 51, was honored by The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Western PA and WV Chapter, for 30 years of volunteer leadership in helping to find a cure for blood cancers, including more than 15 years of service on the society’s national board. Mason is a retired vice chairman and co-founder of Oxford Development Company. He is a former trustee of Washington University, and he serves on the Arts & Sciences National Council. In 2003, Mason received a Distinguished Alumni Award from Arts & Sciences.
Marilyn Probe, LA 52, GR 70, has published an anthology of poems with three other poets. The book is titled Nothing Smaller than Your Elbow.
John Ezell, FA 54, was the subject of a retrospective, Bold Strokes and Finesse: The Stage Designs of John Ezell at the Des Lee Gallery in St. Louis (see Frontrunners). He has designed sets for the St. Louis Rep, among others.
Lucy Jane King, LA 54, MD 58, has published Madame President, 1901–1905: Nellie Fairbanks, Path Finder to Politics for American Women, a biography of one of the most well-known women in the country at the turn of the 20th century. Lucy resides in Indianapolis, where she is a clinical professor of psychiatry, emerita at Indiana University School of Medicine.
Roberta (Aldridge) Gay, LA 55, is retired from real estate sales. She has moved to Imperial, Mo., to be near her grown children. Her home is located near historic Kimmswick. Gay enjoys being part of Toastmaster’s International and the Jefferson County Democratic Club and Women’s Group.
Virgil L. Fuchs, SW 56, has retired after serving as the first president and CEO of the Lutheran Foundation of St. Louis. Virgil enjoys playing theater organ, gardening, growing orchids, traveling, and reading. He and his wife, Marilyn, are very active in their church and community. They have four children and 10 grandchildren.
Wayne F. Schlosser, FA 58, received a Generations of Success Award from Southwestern Illinois College in Belleville, Ill. Schlosser graduated from the college in 1950 and entered the military as a paratrooper in the 82nd Airborne Division during the Korean Conflict. Upon discharge in 1955, he entered Washington University. After graduation, he became an art director for a major St. Louis advertising agency. After a 44-year career of award-winning campaigns for national accounts, he retired in 1996 but has continued volunteering his expertise to serving his community and more than 55 organizations. Recently, he received President George W. Bush’s Volunteer Service Award for completing more than 4,000 hours of volunteer service. He also is a veteran member of the Senior Illinoisans Hall of Fame.

Glen E. Stuckel, EN 60, has been elected to the board of directors of Kosair Charities, the philanthropic arm of Kosair Shrine Temple in Louisville, Ky. Since 1980, Kosair Charities has donated more than $150 million to medical care and research for children, and serves more than 125,000 children every year.
Walter R. Jacobs, Jr., LA 61, GR 65, received a doctor of education degree in 2008 at the age of 72. His dissertation was titled “The Journey of African Americans on the Path Toward the Doctoral Degree: A Revelation of Underlying Factors and Themes.”
John H. Jackson, BU 62, was selected for membership in the Quincy Blue Devil Sports Hall of Fame for his athletic achievements at Quincy High School in Quincy, Ill. In high school, he participated in football, track, and wrestling.
Tom McLaughlin, BU 62, and his wife, Jean, moved to Carlyle, Ill. Tom retired from the Colorado Public Employees Retirement Association in Denver, where he worked as a computer specialist. The couple will travel to Central America in 2009 to visit the Panama Canal. E-mail:
Barry Bannett, AR 64, received the Brunelleschi Lifetime Achievement Award from the Design-Build Institute of America.
Micki (Glassman) Lippe, FA 65, was selected to participate in the 9th Northwest Biennial at the Tacoma Art Museum. Her artwork will be on display from Jan. 31 through May 25, 2009. Lippe resides in Seattle.
Harvey M. Jones, MD 66, is working at UNC Medical School and Hospitals as a professor of pathology. He is active in the American Osler Society.
Carl Moman, Jr., GR 66, GR 80, retired as chair of fine arts at Wayland Baptist University and as pastor of First Baptist Church in Lockney, Texas. He is an adjunct professor at Wayland Baptist University in Plainview and Lubbock, Texas.
Marilyn Lammert, SW 67, is the co-editor of Once They Hear My Name: Korean Adoptees and Their Journeys Toward Identity, a book of nine stories of identity development of Korean adoptees growing up in white families. Marilyn has a psychotherapy and healing practice. Web site:
Paula Asinof, LA 68, co-wrote Be Sharp: “Tell Me About Yourself” in Great Introductions and Professional Bios. Web site:

Michael G. Goldstein, GL 72, established a new world record for his age group and weight class in the 100K indoor row with a time of 9 hours, 11 minutes, and 5.2 seconds. Goldstein is senior vice president and counsel of The Newport Group, Inc., in Newport Beach, Calif.
Joan (Haas) Kelly, LA 72, was listed as one of “The Innovators 2008” in Bank Technology News. “The Innovators 2008” is the magazine’s annual ranking of the 25 most advanced people, companies, and technologies within the financial services community. Kelly is the group executive of systems delivery, global technology, and operations at MasterCard Worldwide in St. Louis. She was recognized for her leadership as chief architect in the introduction of the MasterCard global transaction network and for advancing its data and processing infrastructure. She serves on the board of the Washington University Center for the Application of Information Technology.
Juan L. Garcia-Tunon, GB 73, is the 2008–09 president of the Rotary Club in Carlisle, Penn. He retired from Lear Corp. in 1999.
Carole Haber, LA 73, is dean of the School of Liberal Arts at Tulane University in New Orleans. She previously was the Richards Chair of History and chair of the history department at the University of Delaware. E-mail:
Branch Morgan III, LA 74, presented TAKE #14 at the Baltimore City College High School in Baltimore, Md., on Jan. 23, 2009. TAKE #14 is a new dance concert choreographed by Morgan. To get a copy of his first dance DVD, TAKE #13, send him an e-mail:
Barry Tilson, FA 74, won five American Graphic Design Awards in 2008. Barry is the president of Stan Gellman Graphic Design. This is the eighth year in a row that Barry and his firm have been recognized by this annual design competition.
Stephen Yablon, LA 75, and his architecture firm, Stephen Yablon Architect, recently have been awarded the following new projects: Columbia University Center for Student Advising, SONY ATV/Music Publishing, NYC Department of Health Chelsea District Health Center, Northern Manhattan Improvement Corporation, and Beach Residence Guest Pavilion. Web site:
Solomon Wisenberg, LA 76, is a partner at Barnes & Thornburg LLP’s Washington, D.C., office and a member of the firm’s White Collar Crime Defense Group.
Nicholas B. Couper, MD 78, and his former wife, Elizabeth, remarried in June 2008. The couple resides in Columbia, Mo. Nicholas is an anesthesiologist with Mid-America Anesthesia Consultants.
Bruce E. Friedman, LA 78, is listed among The Best Lawyers in America 2009 in the area of family law. Friedman is a principal of Paule, Camazine & Blumenthal, P.C., located in Clayton, Mo. He practices exclusively in the area of family law, with particular emphasis in substantial net worth cases, high-end alimony, prenuptial agreements, and surrogacy law.
Thomas Gee, HA 78, was elected chairman of the Tennessee Hospital Association at its annual meeting in Nashville on Oct. 1, 2008. Gee currently serves as the chief executive officer of Henry County Medical Center in Paris, Tenn. The Tennessee Hospital Association represents more than 130 hospitals in the state.
Thomas Jagger, EN 78, SI 81, received a Ph.D. in statistics from Florida State University in May 2000. He is a research associate for the geography department at Florida State University. Thomas has recently published two papers. One is about his work relating solar activity to hurricane activity along the U.S. coast. The other is about his research showing that tropical storms are getting stronger globally. He enjoys mountain climbing and fitness. Web site:
Stephen R. Woodley, LA 78, DE 82, was listed in The Best Lawyers in America 2009 in the personal injury litigation category. He also was named a 2008 Super Lawyer by Missouri & Kansas Super Lawyers magazine. Woodley is a principal in the St. Louis law firm of Gray, Ritter & Graham, P.C.
Michele A. Bowen, LA 79, GR 81, SW 81, has completed her fourth novel, Up at the College (Grand Central Publishing). The book will be available in stores across the country in April 2009. She is working on her fifth novel, More Church Folk (Grand Central Publishing), due to be published in 2010.
William K. Bixby III, LA 79, is a partner at Trinity Hunt Partners, a leading private equity firm in the Southwest. Laura Schweitzer, GR 79, is the president of Union Graduate College in Schenectady, N.Y. Schweitzer was named the 2008 winner of the Women in Medicine Leadership Development Award, a national honor from the Association of American Medical Colleges. The award recognizes an individual who has made significant contributions to advancing women leaders in academic medicine.

Ethan D. Cohen, LA 80, is a researcher for visual prostheses for the blind at the Food and Drug Administration labs in Silver Spring, Md.
Carol L. Muskin, LA 80, resides in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, D.C., with her family. She works part time as a teacher educator and holds numerous volunteer positions. She and her husband, Chuck Pierret, have three children in high school: Joel, Leah, and Daniel.
George J. Nassar, Jr., GL 80, has been named a 5 Star Best in Client Satisfaction Wealth Manager by Memphis Magazine and Crescendo Business Services. He also was selected for inclusion in Mid-South SuperLawyers. Nassar is chief manager of Glankler Brown, PLLC, in Memphis.
David Alan Clark, FA 81, has a monumental sculpture in Memphis that is becoming a landmark for civil and human rights. On Nov. 2, 2008, Amnesty International, the National Civil Rights Museum, AFSCME Local 1733, the Memphis chapter of the NAACP, and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference staged a community event honoring Martin Luther King, Jr., at Clark’s Tom Lee Monument. They chose the monument because it portrayed a “selfless, heroic act” and explained: “We believe it is acts of courage and kindness like his, as much as mass protests and advocacy, court cases and historic decisions, that move history in the direction of equality and justice.” Web site:
Cheri (Gassel) Sinnott, LA 81, SW 84, was elected chairperson for the National Association of Social Workers Illinois Chapter Northeastern District. She is the director of the Illinois Service Resource Center, an Illinois State Board of Education statewide assistance center serving deaf and hard-of-hearing student behavioral needs.
Linda Martinez, LW 82, was named director of the Missouri Department of Economic Development by Gov. Jay Nixon. She has worked for 26 years advising businesses about tax credits, tax-exempt financing, and other economic development tools. She is a partner at the Bryan Cave law firm in St. Louis.
Mark A. Rohrer, SW 82, is a clinical social worker in primary care mental health with the Department of Veteran Affairs.
Jonathan Smidt, LA 82, retired from the Army to become director of Big Oak Girls Ranch in Alabama. He and his wife, Joyce, have been married for 27 years and have six children. Web site:
Sheila Williams, GR 82, is the editor of Asimov’s Science Fiction. She’s been with the magazine since 1982, when she was an editorial assistant. She has served as editor since 2004. Sheila also is the editor of more than two dozen anthologies, such as A Woman’s Liberation and Intergalactic Mercenaries.
Brian Zachariah, LA 82, completed his first Ironman triathlon on Nov. 23, 2008. Part of the Ford Ironman series, Ironman Arizona was held in and around Tempe, and consisted of a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bike ride, and a 26.2-mile marathon run.
Mark F. “Thor” Hearne II, A.B. ’83, J.D. ’86, currently serves on the President’s Commission on White House Fellows, America’s most prestigious program for leadership and public service. The program offers exceptional men and women firsthand experience working at the highest levels of the federal government. Hearne is a partner-member at Lathrop & Gage L.C.
Bob Bacharach, J.D. ’85, and his wife, Rhonda, announce the birth of Olivia Harper on Sept. 5, 2008. Bacharach is a U.S. magistrate judge.
Rory Cunningham, FA 85, and David Pacheco were married in a civil ceremony in Los Angeles on Sept. 4, 2008. Rory creates costumes for films, television, and other performance outlets at Bill Hargate Costumes Inc. He also is president of the Art Deco Society of Los Angeles. David is a creative director with the Walt Disney Co. The couple is deeply involved with the complete restoration of their 1915 Los Angeles home, which was designated as a cultural historic monument in 2005.
Laurie Roemmele-Roberts, LA 85, is in her 20th year of a consulting business, PEQ, Inc., which focuses on fund development, staff/board development, and strategic planning for nonprofit organizations and school districts. She and her husband, Monte, reside in Bloomfield, N.J., with their two sons: Mychael, 9, and Brian, 5. Monte is the national director of after-sales for BMW North America. Laurie also volunteers extensively, giving time to organizations helping special needs children/children with learning disabilities, victims of childhood sexual abuse, and community cultural organizations. E-mail:
Lori A. Sullivan, LA 85, is director of philanthropy at The Nature Conservancy in Missouri. She was previously associate director there. She and her husband, G. Todd Rogan, GB 86, have been married for 14 years. They reside in Ballwin, Mo., with their two Scottish terriers. Todd is director of real estate development for Westfield Corporation’s northeast division. E-mail: and
Charles L. Zelden, GR 85, LA 85, has published a book, Bush v. Gore: Exposing the Hidden Crisis in American Democracy.
Jeff Mallin, LA 86, and Marco Pizzo were married in October 2008 in Long Beach, Calif. Jeff is a pediatrician and physician lead for education at Kaiser Permanente. In his committee work for the California Medical Association and the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education, he is involved in the accreditation and advancement of continuing medical education programs.
Megan (Esch) Fox, LA 87, relocated to FE Warren Air Force Base in Cheyenne, Wyo., in July 2008 with her husband, Scott, and their sons: Matthew, 14, and Alex, 13. Megan works on the children/teen floor of the Laramie County Library.
Beth Levine, LA 87, is a paraequestrian rider. Her goal is to be selected for TEAM USA—the team that represents the United States at international competitions such as the 2010 World Equestrian Games and the 2012 paralympic games in London. E-mail:
Risa (Feit) Coleman, LA 88, and her husband, Adam, moved to Seattle after living outside of Sacramento, Calif., for two years. They have a son, Sennen, 4.
Henry Bass, GB 89, EN 89, was deployed to Iraq for Operation Iraqi Freedom on Oct. 5, 2008. His wife, Lisa, and their two children: Eric, 13, and Ethan, 10, reside in Blacksburg, Va. Henry is the president of Automation Creations, Inc. Web site:
Nina R. McDonald, LA 89, and Mark V. Camps were married on Sept. 21, 2008, in Healdsburg, Calif. The couple resides in Berkeley, Calif., with their four children. Mark is a communications specialist at Kaiser Permanente in Oakland, Calif. Nina is a stay-at-home mother and is active in the children’s school, Windrush, as a trustee, member of the development committee, and vice president of the parent association.
Douglas E. Taylor, GF 89, is in the process of selling his 16-year-old art gallery and custom picture framing business, which will continue to represent his artwork. He intends to be a full-time artist and relocate near Eugene, Ore. In 2004, Taylor was invited to participate in an international exhibit at Indiana State University, titled Against Tradition: Trends in Contemporary Printmaking. He became the first solo artist to exhibit at Appaloosa Museum in Moscow, Idaho, in 2006. He has had successful solo gallery exhibits every year since 1980. Web site:

John A. Bagdasarian, LW 90, and his wife, Lana, announce the birth of Lelia Rose on Nov. 20, 2008.
Jonathan Fox, LA 90, and his wife, Hedva, announce the birth of Nina on Oct. 12, 2008. She joins big brother, Daniel, 4. The family resides in Modi’in, Israel. Jonathan is a professor of political science at Bar Ilan University. E-mail:
Allan Parungao, LA 90, has moved his plastic surgery practice to Hinsdale, Ill. He is a plastic surgeon at the Hinsdale Center for Plastic Surgery.
Megan (Anderson) Caruso, LA 91, moved to New York with her husband, Joe, and their children: Alexa Ryann, 4, and Paxtin Luca, 2. Megan works in local theater, and Joe works for Meyer Sound.
Jared Gordon, LA 91, was admitted as a principal to the partnership at Deloitte Tax LLP in August 2008. Jared, his wife, Jodi, and their three children reside in Bala Cynwyd, Pa.
Heidi (Liss) Radunovich, LA 91, and her husband, Bill, announce the birth of Hannah Celeste on Nov. 10, 2008. The family resides in Gainesville, Fla., where Heidi is an assistant professor at the University of Florida and a licensed psychologist.
Christopher T. Keaveney, GR 92, GR 00, published his second book, Beyond Brushtalk: Sino-Japanese Literary Exchange in the Interwar Period. Keaveney is associate professor of modern languages at Linfield College. He teaches Japanese and Asian studies courses and is co-chair of the Asian Studies Program.
Marc D. Seitles, LA 92, and his wife announce the birth of Samuel Gabriel on Sept. 17, 2008. The family resides in Miami. Marc has his own law practice, which specializes in criminal defense at the trial and appellate level. He recently was recognized as one of the top lawyers in South Florida by the South Florida Legal Guide and the Daily Business Review. Before going into private practice, Seitles served as an assistant federal public defender and a law clerk to the Hon. Lawrence K. Karlton, Eastern District of California. E-mail:
Scott Zimmerman, BU 92, is president of a communications technology company focused in health-care space. He lives in Gulf Shores, Ala., with his wife, Jana, and their three children. E-mail:
Anne-Marie Cusac, GR 93, has written a book titled Cruel and Unusual: The Culture of Punishment in America. The book is scheduled for publication in March by Yale University Press. She is a George Polk Award-winning investigative journalist who has spent more than a decade reporting on U.S. jails and prisons.
William Geideman, MD 93, set a world record on Nov. 7–9, 2008, playing 50 hours of continuous doubles tennis to raise money for the YMCA tennis courts.
Pamela G. Harnick, LA 93, and her husband, John Swerdlow, have two children: Sylvie, 5, and Zane, 2. The family resides in Ann Arbor, Mich.
Lauren (Heller) Kerstein, LA 93, SW 95, wrote a book about sensory integration and emotions titled My Sensory Book: Working Together to Explore Sensory Issues and the Big Feelings They Can Cause: A Workbook for Parents, Professionals, and Children.
Suzanne Koesel, SW 93, is senior vice president at Centerstone, the nation’s largest provider of community-based behavioral health care.
Cheryl Rucker-Whitaker, MD 93, received the Laureate Award, the highest honor from the American College of Physicians, Illinois Chapter. She is the medical director of the Hypertension Center and assistant professor of preventative medicine at Rush University Medical Center.
Paulette Kouffman Sherman, LA 93, published a book, Dating from the Inside Out. The book is an award-winner in the category of Self-Help: Relationships for the National Best Books 2008, sponsored by USA Books. She is a licensed psychologist.
Ann E. Bauer, LW 94, was named a Super Lawyer 2008 by Missouri Super Lawyer magazine. Bauer is a partner in the law firm of Carter Bauer Soule, LLC, in Clayton, Mo. The firm focuses on family law.
Arnor Bieltvedt, GF 94, had a solo exhibition of his paintings at the internationally renowned Galerie Beeldkracht in the Netherlands. His work is influenced by his childhood memories of the spectacular Icelandic landscape and folklore, as well as a newfound appreciation for the exotic beauty of Southern California.
Jodi (Samitt) Bronitt, BU 94, and her husband, Marc, announce the birth of Matthew Ian on June 19, 2008. He joins big brother, Josh, 3. The family resides in Atlanta.
Michelle Finkel, FA 94, and Daniel Mehlman were married on Aug. 31, 2008, in Miami Beach, Fla. The wedding guests included many University alumni. The couple resides in New York City, where Michelle works in nonprofit management and Dan works in emerging technologies.
Vickie Osborne, LA 94, SW 98, SW 08, is an assistant professor of social work and public health at the University of Missouri in Columbia. Her research involves women’s addictions and health behaviors.
Stephen Smith, LA 94, and Bryant Harris, EN 94, are co-founders of myRete, Inc., which provides a networking experience to users of the iPhone. In July 2008, their company created WhosHere, a social networking application for the iPhone. In just over 100 days, WhosHere surpassed 100,000 users. The application has users in more than 100 countries.
Andrea Fuhrman, GF 95, had her work featured in a group exhibit at Strecker-Nelson Gallery in Manhattan, Kan. She is rehabbing a building in Abilene, Kan., to create a gallery, studio, and residence. She participated in the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts Seminar: “Planning Effective Arts Integrated Residencies for Students.” Fuhrman also displayed her work in a solo exhibit at Visual Arts Alliance in McPherson, Kan. Out of 93 national artists, she won first place in the Salina, Kan., Fine Arts at the Smoky Hill River Festival 2007. Web site:
Danielle (Dahlby) McCulloch, EN 95, is a consultant for Fuentek, LLC. She interacts with innovators from university, government, and corporate clients to evaluate their intellectual property portfolios and assess opportunities for commercialization. McCulloch also interviews industry experts to identify current market trends and dynamics. In addition, she helps clients market their technologies effectively and identify potential licensees. Web site:
Michael Rodman, LA 95, and Laura Sarlo announce the birth of Catherine Elizabeth on Nov. 5, 2008. The family resides in Charlestown, Mass. Michael is the director of communications at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. E-mail:
David Rosenberg, LA 95, and Hyla Kaplan were married on June 22, 2008. The wedding guests included many University alumni. The couple resides in Philadelphia, where David is the director of the Center for Social Responsibility for the Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia. Hyla is an immigration attorney at Fragomen, Del Ray, Bernsen, and Loewy. E-mail:
Shira Wachtel, FA 95, and Daniel Epstein were married on Oct. 26, 2008, in Chicago. The wedding guests included many University alumni. The couple climbed the 14,500-foot Mt. Rainier, outside of Seattle, in July 2008. Shira is principal of Trillium Creative, a graphic design and marketing firm. She founded the firm in 2003. Dan is controller for Leo Burnett USA and Arc Worldwide. E-mail:
Ranada Y. Williams, BU 95, is a cash officer for the Memphis branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. Williams joined the St. Louis Fed in 1997 as a management analyst before transferring to the Memphis branch in 2006.
Jessica Zeldin, LW 95, GR 95, and Johnston “Jay” deForest Whitman, Jr., were married on March 16, 2008, in Beaver Creek, Colo.
Heather (Field) Benedict, EN 96, and her husband, Paul Benedict, EN 94, SI 95, announce the birth of Jacob Michael on Nov. 24, 2008. He joins big sister, Nicole Elizabeth, 5.
Mead Gruver, LA 96, and Laura Gervais were married in October 2008 in Saratoga, Wyo. The couple resides in Cheyenne, where Mead writes for the Associated Press and Laura is a chiropractor and acupuncturist.
Lauren Henkin, LA 96, moved to Washington, D.C. She has a new portfolio, Apart of Place. Web site:
Dan Messeloff, LA 96, and his wife, Wendy, announce the birth of Dahlia and Andrew on Aug. 18, 2008. The twins join big brother, Alex. Dan is a lawyer with Ogletree Deakins in Cleveland, and Wendy is a grant writer for the Jewish Community Federation of Cleveland.
Maya Metni Pilkington, LA 96, and her husband, Guy, announce the birth of Liam Robert. He joins big sister, Madeleine Sloane. The family recently moved to Maryland, where Guy is working at the National Cancer Institute at Ft. Detrick.
Ryan Rhea, LA 96, GR 01, and Marissa Amdur were married on Oct. 18, 2008. The couple resides in St. Louis.
Risa (Appel) Broudy, LA 97, and her husband, Matthew Broudy, LA 92, announce the birth of Shaina Helene on Dec. 5, 2008. The family resides in the Washington, D.C., area, where both Matt and Risa are practicing clinical psychologists.
Rachel (Miller) Fischler, LA 97, and her husband, Ian, announce the birth of Benjamin Gabriel on Dec. 22, 2008. He joins big sister, Abigail. The family resides in Los Angeles.
Milo Gralnick, GR 97, founded Goodvibe School in 2007 in Clayton, Mo. He serves as director of the school, which provides quality early childhood education by emphasizing creativity, imagination, and the arts. Web site:
Bo Ji, GB 97, has started a company, YourPosting LLC, that specializes in online social networking. The company recently acquired another two social networking Web sites.
Rebecca (Fishman) Kurowski, EN 97, SI 98, and her husband, Brian Kurowski, EN 97, announce the birth of Samuel Edward in October 2008. The family resides in Quincy, Mass. Rebecca graduated from law school in May 2008 and is serving a one-year federal judicial clerkship. In September 2009, she will join ATF as a staff attorney. Brian is a developer for Aspen Technologies and is working on the BatchPlus product.
Virginia Sill, LA 97, LA 97, and her husband, Richard Fletcher, announce the birth of Sofia Ribon on Oct. 27, 2008. The family resides in Boston.
Meg L. Thornton, LA 97, manages the cultural resources on the approximately 1.5 million acres of Army property in Alaska. The resources include one National Historic Landmark, two historic districts, four archaeological districts, and more than 500 archaeological sites.
Lisa (Shusterman) Wolff, LA 97, received a doctoral degree from Harvard School of Public Health. She is director of research and evaluation at The Medical Foundation, a nonprofit health organization in Boston. She and her husband, Russell, reside in Cambridge, Mass.
Melody Zhang, SW 97, received the 2008 Good Housekeeping magazine’s China’s Most Benevolent Woman election. She is the associate director of Children’s Hope International of St. Louis. She directs Children’s Hope Humanitarian Aid work in China. Over the past four years, Zhang has arranged hundreds of life-saving surgeries for orphans and children of poor families. Her tireless work to assist the victims of the May 2008 earthquake in China helped put her in the running for this honor.
Laura Gutin, LA 98, and Craig Peterson were married on Nov. 8, 2008, in Los Angeles. The wedding party and guests included many University alumni. The couple resides in L.A., where Laura writes for sitcoms.
Sarah Katz, LA 98, and Paul Downey were married on Sept. 20, 2008. The wedding guests included many University alumni. The couple resides in New York City, where Sarah is an attorney at Edwards Angell Palmer & Dodge LLP.
Nikki Voysey Lemkemeier, FA 98, recently completed two ceramic installations at the Magic House, a children’s museum in St. Louis, as well as installations at City Academy, a scholarship-based urban elementary school in St. Louis. Lemkemeier’s company, Mirthworks, LLC, specializes in custom mosaic architectural installations featuring her hand-painted tiles. Web site:
Tom McCleery, LA 98, and his wife, Carissa, announce the birth of Raegan Margaret on Dec. 21, 2008. The family resides in St. Louis.
Sarah (Davenport) Rubel, EN 98, and her husband, Paul Rubel, EN 98, announce the birth of Ian Harry and Gregory Howard in June 2007. They join big brother, Brendan, 4. The family resides in the Boston area.
Rin-rin Yu, LA 98, and Jonathan Gellar were married on Nov. 9, 2008, in Chevy Chase, Md. The wedding guests included many University alumni. The couple resides in Washington, D.C. Rin-rin is a Web business developer for Hanley Wood Business Media and a freelance writer. Jon is a graduate student at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health.
Laura Garofalo, BU 99, and her husband, Joe El-Etr, LA 98, announce the birth of Alexandra Shane on March 3, 2008. The family resides in Chicago, where Laura is an employment attorney for Holland & Knight LLP and Joe is an options trader.
Galen Graham, FA 99, received an Emmy for Outstanding Commercial during the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences’ Creative Arts Emmy Awards ceremony on Sept. 13, 2008, at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles. Graham is the associate creative director at DDB Chicago, an advertising agency. He was the art director for the commercial “Swear Jar,” which was created for client Bud Light. The spot can be viewed on YouTube using the search words “bud light swear jar.”
Kimberly M. Loeb, BU 99, and Robert S. Grossman were married on July 5, 2008, in Atlanta. The wedding party and guests included many University alumni. The couple resides in Atlanta, where Kimberly works in corporate financial strategies and strategic planning for SunTrust and Rob is a senior manager with Deloitte Consulting. E-mail:
Erica Kestenbaum Rosenfeld, LA 99, and her husband, Jeremy, announce the birth of Jayden Henry and Hannah Ruth on July 24, 2008. The family resides in New York City.
Kate (Stanzione) Singh, LA 99, and her husband, Kabir Singh, LA 98, announce the birth of Kiran on Aug. 18, 2008. He joins big sister, Lola, 2.
Mae (Costello) Villanueva, LA 99, and her husband, Ian Villanueva, LA 98, announce the birth of Isabelle Grace on Nov. 2, 2008. The family resides in Wichita, Kan., where Ian is the medical director for bariatric surgery at Wesley Medical Center and Mae is on sabbatical from mental health counseling.

Chris P. Cramer, LA 00, is pursuing an M.B.A. at New York University’s Stern School of Business.
Christian Hogue, GA 00, is president of Architect Profits, Inc., where he teaches architects how to successfully build profits. Web site:
Kristen Johnson, LA 00, graduated from Southern Illinois University School of Law, passed the Illinois bar, and practices law for the U.S. Department of the Interior. She advises the Bureau of Reclamation on water policy.
Holly Williams Leppo, GA 00, has been named to Building Design + Construction magazine’s “40 Under 40: Superstars of the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Industry” and was profiled in the January 2009 issue. She is a registered architect in Pennsylvania and Virginia and a certified interior designer in Virginia. Leppo holds professional certifications from the National Council of Architecture Registration Boards and the National Council for Interior Design Qualifications, and she has been named a LEED Accredited Professional through the U.S. Green Building Council. She also is a member of the American Institute of Architects. Leppo is the author of five technical review guides published by Professional Publications, Inc., of Belmont, Calif. The guides were designed to assist candidates for the Architect Registration Exam in their preparation for professional licensing exams. She also is the co-author of LEED CI Sample Exam: Commercial Interiors and LEED Prep: What You Really Need to Know to Pass the LEED NC v2.2 and CI v2.0 Exams, all published by PPI. Leppo is a principal architect and partner at SMB&R, Inc. in Camp Hill, Penn. The firm provides architectural, structural engineering, and interior design services associated with restoration, renovation, alteration, maintenance and repair, and new construction.
Sisi Meng, GA 00, passed all divisions of the ARE and recently passed the last California Supplemental Exam. She became a licensed architect of California on Dec. 31, 2008.
Scott Trilling, BU 00, was promoted to operations officer in treasury relations and systems support at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. He began his career at the St. Louis Fed in 2000 as a management analyst. Trilling is pursuing an M.B.A. from the Olin Business School at the University.
Douglas Harrison, GR 01, GR 05, received the National Education Association’s 2008 Excellence in the Academy Award for New Scholars. He is an assistant professor of American literature at Florida Gulf Coast University.
Lindsey (Anhalt) Kirkeby, LA 01, and her husband, Kevin, announce the birth of Siri Annalise on Sept. 26, 2008. She joins big sister, Kaia.
Aimee Kryda, LA 01, has started, a Web site devoted to helping people make platonic friends in their geographic area. E-mail:
Edward M. Shin, LW 01, is the litigation counsel for JLG Industries, the $3 billion subsidiary of Oshkosh Corporation. He is responsible for managing all nationwide product and commercial litigation for the company. Shin and his family reside in Hagerstown, Md.
Matt Hooper, LW 02, moved to Somerville, Tenn., where he was appointed the DUI prosecutor for the 25th Judicial District of Tennessee.
Emily (Quandt) Kahn, LW 02, Brian Kahn, LW 02, and their son, Noah, have moved to Indianapolis, where Brian has opened Mr. WiseBuys, a retail furniture and flooring store.
Danielle (Parker) Pollack, BU 02, and her husband, Brian, announce the birth of Ethan Jacob on June 30, 2008. Brian and Ethan share the same birthday. The family resides in Glenview, Ill.
Cindy Traub, GR 02, GR 06, and John Kindschuh, LA 00, BU 00, were married on May 31, 2008, in Indianapolis. The wedding party and guests included many University alumni. The couple resides in St. Louis, where John is an attorney at Bryan Cave LLP and Cindy is an assistant professor of mathematics at Southern Illinois University–Edwardsville.
Jewel S. Younge, GR 02, is the founding chair of the visual and performing arts department at Olive-Harvey College, one of the city colleges of Chicago. She also is an adjunct lecturer at DePaul University.
Sharon Foreman, SW 03, and Todd Kready were married on July 19, 2008, in Blacksburg, Va. The couple resides in Bedford, Va. Sharon is a doctoral candidate at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) School of Social Work, serves as a program coordinator for the VCU Graduate School, and is an adjunct instructor at Virginia Western Community College in Roanoke, Va.
Mary Linxweiler Jackson, GR 03, and her husband, Christopher, announce the birth of Elise Olivia on Aug. 11, 2008. She joins big brother, Thomas.
Laurel M. Jacobson, BU 03, LA 03, and Brian Chu, EN 01, were married on Sept. 20, 2008, in Golden Valley, Minn. The couple met at Washington University on the swim & dive team in 1999. They reside in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Laurel is a financial analyst for Thomson Reuters, and Brian is a senior systems engineer for Target Corp. Laurel also is pursuing an M.B.A. degree at the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota.
Vanessa Parris, LA 03, and Amul H. Singh were married in April 2008. After completing dental school at the University of Missouri–Kansas City in 2007, Vanessa is an orthodontic resident at Indiana University. She expects to receive her M.S.D. in 2010.
Katherine Stumpf, LA 03, MD 07, and Derek Williams, MD 07, were married on Oct. 25, 2008, in Coronado, Calif. The wedding party and guests included many University alumni. Katherine is a second-year pediatric resident physician at Rady Children’s Hospital in San Diego and plans to pursue a neonatology fellowship. Derek is a general surgery resident at the University of Texas-Southwestern in Dallas.
Bijoy George, GB 04, and his wife, Geena, announce the birth of Ethan Thomas in March 2008. Bijoy is a program manager at the Center for BioMedical Informatics within the School of Medicine at Washington University.
Derek Gluckman, BU 04, graduated from New York University Law School in May 2008 and passed the New York Bar exam in November 2008. He works at Milbank Tweed Hadley McCloy LLP International Law Firm in New York.
Aaron W. Gordon, LA 04, is vice president of Schwartz Media Strategies, a Miami-based marketing communications firm.
Falland (Toscano) Hamilton, LA 04, marched in the 2009 Inaugural Parade in Washington, D.C., on Jan. 20, 2009. Hamilton is one of the 150 AmeriCorps alumni chosen to represent this national network of civic leaders. She served as a member of City Year New York. She resides in Washington, D.C., and now serves on the City Year Washington, D.C., alumni board. Hamilton also volunteers at an area soup kitchen.
Lindsay (Grant) O’Neal, PT 04, and her husband, Marc O’Neal, LA 01, PT 04, announce the birth of Ryan Grant on Nov. 11, 2008.
Rebecca Robinson, EN 04, and Robert Hodge were married on Oct. 11, 2008, in St. Louis. The couple resides in Alexandria, Va. Robert is a patent examiner for the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and Rebecca is a scientific analyst for Systems Planning and Analysis.
James B. Wilmoth, LW 04, is an associate at the law firm of Schlichter, Bogard & Denton in St. Louis. He has settled and tried to verdict multiple cases worth over $1 million. Along with one of the partners, he tried a case last year that resulted in a verdict of $27 million in the City of St. Louis. This was the biggest verdict in Missouri in 2007.
Lauren M. Cherry, LA 05, is a second-year law student at Loyola University Chicago School of Law. Prior to law school, Cherry worked for two years as a clinical research assistant for Case Western Reserve University’s School of Medicine. She worked in the field of pediatric psychiatry on a grant to study early-onset bipolar disorder.
Danielle M. Christmas, LA 05, is in the Ph.D. program in English literature at the University of Illinois in Chicago.
Kathryn Fanlund, LA 05, earned a law degree from the University of Wisconsin in Madison in May 2008. She is working in Washington, D.C.
Eric T. Frye, LA 05, and Amelia Lane Jarrell were married on Aug. 9, 2008. Eric graduated from West Virginia University College of Law in May 2008 and passed the West Virginia State Bar Exam. He is a law clerk for the Hon. William S. Thompson, judge of the 25th Circuit Court in Boone County, W.Va.
Rachel Hochheiser, GB 05, and Scott Schwartz, GB 04, LW 04, were married on Nov. 3, 2007, in Washington, D.C. The couple resides in D.C., where Rachel is the director of human resources and professional development at an international not-for-profit, BBYO, and Scott is a corporate attorney at Manatt, Phelps, and Phillips.
Luke E. Wells, LA 05, is an associate at Paul J. Passanante PC & Associates, a new St. Louis–based law firm handling personal injury, medical malpractice, auto accident, and wrongful death claims.
Elizabeth Haas, LA 06, and Stephen Budko, Jr., LA 06, were married on July 3, 2008, in Honolulu.
Costa Lawrence, EN 06, accepted a new position at St. Jude Medical as a field clinical engineer. She resides in Chicago.
Vasiliki Rapti, GR 06, is the preceptor in Modern Greek in the classics department at Harvard University. She is conducting research on differentiated instruction in Modern Greek and is revising her dissertation, “Ludics in Surrealist Theater and Beyond” for publication. She resides in Cambridge, Mass., with her husband, Andreas Triantafyllou, and their daughter.
Enelia Valbuena, FA 06, and George Faithful were married on July 18, 2008, in St. Louis, where the couple resides. Enelia is a graphic designer, and George is pursuing a doctoral degree in historical theology at Saint Louis University.
Charissa Black, LA 07, is serving an 18-month full-time mission in Sicily for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints through November 2009.
Mostafa M. Ahmed, LA 08, is a first-year medical student at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine.
Johnny Law, LW 08, is an associate at Patterson & Sheridan, L.L.P. in Greensboro, N.C. The firm focuses on national intellectual property law.