A Different Kind of Reunion
In 1988, seven graduates of Washington University decided to get together on New Year’s Eve in New Hampshire. They were all single and just starting their careers, yet had been friends since their freshman year as residents in Umrath or as members of Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity. And, it’s not surprising that 21 years later, that same group of friends continues to reconnect every year for their own reunion—now with spouses and children in tow.

Alumni and spouses gather annually for their own special reunion: back row (from left): David Finke, A.B. ’87; Mark Krasnow, A.B. ’87; middle row (from left): Melissa Kalmans; Elaine Kleinberg; Todd Venetianer, B.S.C.S. ’88, M.B.A. ’88; Brad Kalmans, B.S.E.E. ’87; Beth Davin Pece; Helene Finke; Rex Talbott, B.S.B.A. ’87; Faith Krasnow; front row (from left): Bennett Kleinberg, A.B. ’87; Amy (Sonnenschein) Venetianer, A.B. ’87; Al Pece; and Rina Shere. (Courtesy Photo)

“It’s definitely a different kind of reunion,” says Bennett Kleinberg, A.B. ’87. “I think it personifies what Washington University is like. It is this huge melting pot, bringing people of different backgrounds together.”

Gathering everyone and their families in one location for the three-day New Year’s event has become a challenge. Members of the group live in different parts of the country—from Texas to Massachusetts—and work in diverse fields: engineering, marketing, psychology, public relations, and software. But they share one common bond, and that’s friendship.

“We have gone through some of life’s significant events together,” explains Amy (Sonnenschein) Venetianer, A.B. ’87. “I think that brought us all closer. We were all single coming out of college, and then some of us went to graduate school. Eventually, everyone got married. Then we started to have kids. Once the kids came into the group, they all became close. It’s like a big family now.”

For their 20th reunion last year, nearly 30 people gathered in Tampa, Florida. “It was the first time we went to a resort,” says Todd Venetianer, B.S.C.S. ’88, M.B.A. ’88. “We wanted to do something different after 20 years. We do everything during our reunions—playing golf and flag football, and taking over restaurants. It’s just a fun time to catch up.”

Mark Krasnow, A.B. ’87, says attending the University provided him with a great education and lifelong friends. “The intimacy of Washington U. gives you the opportunity to get involved and really know people. It really is a community,” says Krasnow. “We still all enjoy getting together—maybe it’s because for a few days we all feel like we’re back in college. It gives us a chance to be a little bit nostalgic. It’s sort of a respite to take a few days and reconnect with old-time friends, and there’s a certain comfort in that.”

Alumni Weekend gives former classmates, like Graeme Smith (left), A.B. ’03, and Jordan Carqueville, A.B. ’03, the opportunity to catch up on old times.
(From left) Andy Shields, A.B. ’07, Jenny Logan, A.B. ’07, Allison Miller, B.F.A. ’07, and Erin McCarty, A.B. ’07, shared laughs during Reunion 2008. (Photos: Kevin Lowder)

Celebrating 1st, 5th, and 10th Reunions
Young Alumni will visit campus during Thurtene.

On April 17–19, 2009, the classes of 2008, 2004, and 1999 will commemorate their 1st, 5th, and 10th Reunions. Alumni Weekend provides the ideal setting for young alumni to renew old friendships and make new ones. Many exciting activities are planned, and all classmates are encouraged to participate.


Revisit, Reconnect, Remember …
That is what hundreds of alumni will do to celebrate their 20th–65th Reunions May 14–17, 2009. Alumni Weekend promises to be an exciting one as many activities are planned for classmates. Here are just some of the highlights:

During last year’s Reunion, the Classes of 1958 and 1963 won the Participation Trophy for surpassing their previous four-year participation rate by the largest percentage—a 7.5 percent increase. From left are Georgia Binnington, A.B. ’63; Kay Thurman, A.B. ’63, J.D. ’65; Judith Hood McKelvey, A.B. ’58; Paul L. Chandeysson, B.S.M.E. ’58, B.S.E.E. ’58; Denver Wright III, B.S.B.A. ’63; Barbara Lipson Schukar, A.B. ’58; John Hugh Rogers, B.S.M.E. ’58; and Chancellor Mark S. Wrighton. (Photo: Joe Angeles)

Thursday, May 14
Alumni College
Join classmates and friends for presentations by University faculty on current affairs, science, and medical developments.

Friday, May 15
Deans’ Receptions

Class Parties

Campus Tour

Saturday, May 16
St. Louis Architecture Walking Tour
See all the changes happening in St. Louis as a guide shares the city’s history and its focus on the future

The Class of 1973 marched during the Great Bear Parade, a long-standing tradition of Alumni Weekend. (Photo: Joe Angeles)

The Reunion Gala
Participate in the Great Bear Parade and enjoy an evening of dinner and dancing.

Other activities include:
Tyson Research Center Tour
Classes of 1969–84 Family Picnic

Sunday, May 17
Reunion/Graduation Catholic Mass
Celebrate mass in the newly renovated Catholic Student Center Chapel.

For a complete listing of Alumni Weekend events, visit the Alumni Association Web site at


Commemorate, Participate, Celebrate
Alumni Weekend
April 17–19, 2009
Classes of 1999, 2004, 2008

Reunion Schedule of Events
Friday, April 17
Welcome Reception

Saturday, April 18
Campus Tour
Thurtene Carnival
Residential Life Happy Hour
Class Party

Sunday, April 19
Do Your Own Thing!

For more information on Alumni Weekend festivities, visit the Alumni Association Web site at

2009 Reunion Leadership
Class of 1999
Lisa Cynamon Mayers, A.B. ’99, Executive Chair
Khara Coleman, A.B. ’99, J.D. ’03, Gift Co-Chair
Daniel Hwang, B.S.Ch.E. ’99, Gift Co-Chair

Class of 2004
Raffi Nazarian, B.S.B.A. ’04, Executive Co-Chair
Emily Reinhart, B.S.B.A. ’04, Executive Co-Chair
Mark Pydynowski, B.S.B.A. ’04, Gift Chair

Commemorate, Participate, Celebrate
May 14–17, 2009
Classes of 1944, ’49, ’54, ’59, ’64, ’69, ’74, ’79, ’84, and ’89

2009 Reunion Leadership
Class of 1944
Jerry Brasch, B.S.Ch.E. ’44, M.S.Ch.E. ’47, Executive Committee Chair
Class of 1949
Jack Barsanti, B.S. ’49, J.D. ’52, Executive Committee Co-Chair
Marie Prange Oetting, A.B. ’49, Executive Committee Co-Chair
George Fonyo, A.B. ’49, Gift Co-Chair
Art McWilliams, B.S.B.A. ’49, Gift Co-Chair
Hank Schreimann, B.S. ’49, Gift Co-Chair
Class of 1954
Roger Hebrank, B.S.B.A. ’54, Executive Committee Co-Chair
Walter May, B.S. ’54, Executive Committee Co-Chair
Frank Kuenz, B.S. ’54, Gift Chair
Class of 1959
Richard Hughes, A.B. ’59, Executive Committee Chair
Charlie Buescher, B.S.C.E. ’59, M.S. ’61, Gift Co-Chair
Arlene Kramer Jarett, A.B. ’59, Gift Co-Chair
Class of 1964
Barbara Lussky Nelson, A.B. ’64, Executive Committee Chair
Robert W. Galbierz, B.S.C.E. ’64, M.S. ’66, Gift Co-Chair
Nancy Early Wagoner, A.B. ’64, Gift Co-Chair
Class of 1969
Shirley Simpson Juster, A.B. ’69, Executive Committee Co-Chair
Richard Kornblith, A.B. ’69, Executive Committee Co-Chair
Sally Kopolow Silvers, A.B. ’69, Executive Committee Co-Chair
Nancy Jacobs Goldenberg, A.B. ’69, Gift Chair
Class of 1974
Tom Bugnitz, B.S.A.M.C.S. ’74, M.B.A. ’74, Executive Committee Co-Chair
Rob Meyer, B.S. ’74, M.S.C.E. ’76, D.Sc. ’78, Executive Committee Co-Chair
Dave Rossetti, B.S. ’74, Gift Chair

Class of 1979
Deborah Freund, B.S.C.E. ’79, M.S.C.E. ’82, Executive Committee Co-Chair
Joe Wayland, A.B. ’79, Executive Committee Co-Chair
Dexter Fedor, A.B. ’79, B.S.B.A. ’79, Gift Chair

Class of 1984
Lisa Marcus Abramowitz, B.S.B.A. ’84, Executive Committee Co-Chair
Jeff Rosenkranz, B.S.B.A. ’84, Executive Committee Co-Chair
Nick Somers, A.B. ’84, Executive Committee Co-Chair
Chuck Okenfuss, B.S.Ch.E. ’84, M.S.Mat.S. ’90, Gift Co-Chair
Judith Okenfuss, A.B. ’84, B.S.Ch.E. ’84, J.D. ’91, Gift Co-Chair
Class of 1989
Nicole Duvall Fry, A.B. ’89,  Executive Committee Co-Chair
Robert Mullenger, B.S.E.E. ’89, Executive Committee Co-Chair
Andrea Montag, A.B. ’89, Gift Co-Chair
Edward Montag, A.B. ’89, Gift Co-Chair