Up on a Roof?

The first women's dormitory was McMillan Hall, which was given to the University by Eliza McMillan as a memorial to her late husband, William McMillan. Dedicated in 1906, McMillan Hall was for many years the only dormitory that housed women on campus.

By the 1920s, female students participated in various activities outside the classroom. Among their favorites included sororities, an honorary society, sports, and co-ed drama and choral groups. Using McMillan's rooftop as practice space, presumably unsanctioned, for a dramatic performance were Hanna (Rose) Strauss (second from left, seated), A.B. '21, and some of her friends. (Strauss' sister, Miriam Rose, graduated from the University in 1924 and her grandson, Bernard Strauss Kramer, who provided the photo, in 1977—all three in Arts & Sciences. Strauss' great-granddaughter, Laura Kramer Rosengard, was recently admitted to the University as a member of the Class of 2008.)