Student Internships—Stepping Stones to Jobs

As every alum knows, launching a career begins well before graduation. Whether a student is seeking a full-time job, admission to graduate school, or acceptance into a short-term, post-graduation program, he or she will need a network of support from professors, advisers, mentors, family, friends, and other alumni.

The national network of Washington University alumni—over 110,000 people—is an exceptional resource for every graduate, and the Alumni Board of Governors (ABG) is working to strengthen the support it offers to students and alumni. "A Washington University education is just the first step in building a career," says J.J. Stupp, executive vice chair of ABG. "Helping students get off to a good start in their careers enhances the University's reputation, and that benefits every one of us. There are many ways alumni can get involved, from volunteering to be listed as a resource in the Career Connections database, to helping students find good internships before graduation."

Internships open doors

Today, more than one-third of all college graduates have internship experience, and those who do secure jobs at twice the rate of those without experience. Statistics show that six years ago, employers hired about 15 percent of their interns; today companies hire 38 percent of their interns on average.

It's easy to see why internships make such a difference. Through internship opportunities, students develop skills and gain experience in fields that interest them, while discovering the realities of careers in today's marketplace. The majority of internships are focused, short-term work opportunities, either paid or unpaid, which may take place in almost any major city, either during the summer or the school year.

Sharing what you know

"If you—or someone you know—could use bright, talented young interns in your organization, we encourage you to get in touch with one of the University's career offices," says Stupp. "Internships benefit both students and the companies where they work, by creating a pool of experienced candidates for future jobs. Washington University has some of the most outstanding undergraduate and graduate students in the United States, and internships introduce them to mentors who become part of their professional network."

Each school at the University offers career services to its students. In Arts & Sciences, for example, the Career Center lists nearly 1,000 internships in its database, including opportunities with the American Red Cross, Mt. Sinai Hospital, and the U.S. Attorney's Office in Illinois. The Career Center serves both undergraduate and graduate students in Arts & Sciences. It also offers workshops and events open to all students on campus throughout the year, including Résumé Writing, Interviewing Skills, Internship and Job Search Strategies, and Career Forums.

How you can help

If you know of an internship opportunity, please call or e-mail one of the schools below with the name of the organization and the person to whom inquiries should be addressed. If you are unsure which school to contact, send your information to the Career Center, and someone will follow up.

"Successful alumni define a strong University," says Stupp. "Each of us makes an enormous investment in our education, and it is vitally important to help our students move into careers that fulfill their potential. Assisting this effort is a very gratifying way to give back."




Internship Contacts

School of Architecture
Internships - call or e-mail:
(314) 935-6200

School of Art
Internships - call or e-mail:
Georgia Binnington, Associate Dean
(314) 935-6532

Arts & Sciences
(314) 935-5930
Internships - call or e-mail:
Lea Luchetti, Director
(314) 935-5972

Olin School of Business
Weston Career Resources Center (WCRC)
(314) 935-5950
Internships - call or e-mail:
Joe Moro, Associate Director, Business Development
(314) 935-5826

School of Engineering & Applied Science
(314) 935-6130
Internships - call or e-mail:
Amanda Matheu, Director of Engineering Career Services
(314) 935-6130

School of Law
(314) 935-6541
Internships - call or e-mail:
Mark W. Smith, Associate Dean of Student Services
(314) 935-6489

School of Medicine
Preceptorships and electives - call or e-mail:
Anne Enright Shepherd, Director of Alumni and Constituent Relations, Medical Alumni and Development Office
(314) 286-0020

George Warren Brown School of Social Work
Graduate practica - call or e-mail:
Estelle Rochman, Director of Field Education
(314) 935-4909
Post-degree fellowships - call or e-mail:
Carol Doelling, Director of Career Services
(314) 935-4245

A National Network
Free Services Online

To volunteer as a resource
for the Career Connections database and to take advantage of all the free online services for alumni, visit the Alumni Association home page at You must first log on to the password-protected Alumni Directory, using the seven-digit number that appears adjacent to your name on most University mailings. Enter the Alumni Directory to access all of ournline services.