INSIDE SHOT — Fall 2009

A Living Building
(Photo: Joe Angeles)
Washington University’s new Living Learning Center at Tyson Research Center opened in late May. The 2,900-square-foot facility is on the cutting-edge of sustainable design and energy efficiency, designed to be a zero net energy and zero wastewater building. The flagship center was built to meet the Living Building Challenge—the most stringent green building rating system in the world—of the Cascadia Region Green Building Council (CRGBC). No building has yet met CRGBC’s standards, but the Living Learning Center is in the running to be one of the first in North America. The center will be available to members of the Washington University community, as well as other local institutions and researchers, and will house a seminar/classroom for several undergraduate and graduate classes. The Tyson Research Center, located 20 miles southwest of the Danforth Campus, is 2,000 acres of woods, prairie, and ponds where dozens of University faculty and students do environmental research. For more information, visit