FEATURES • Fall 2002

The 50th Reunion class led the Great Bear Parade before the Saturday evening Gala reception. Attendees included (from left) Robert Drews, executive co-chair of the 50th Reunion; Joan Miller Peck (in background); Dorothy Buder; and Carolyn Metzger-Harmon, executive co-chair of the 50th Reunion.

Alumni from all generations—from the 5th undergraduate class to the 25th to the 50th and beyond—gathered at the University during Reunion weekend to celebrate times both old and new.


Every May, alumni gather on the Hilltop Campus to remember their tenures at the University as undergraduates and to create brand-new memories. The Reunion 2002 celebrations were no exception, and, by the looks of it, they were just as lively and as much fun as ever. More than 1,150 alumni and guests attended festive class parties, faculty lectures, and other special activities.

CLASS OF 1927 I. E. Millstone (left), B.S. '27, was the Honorary Grand Marshal of the Great Bear Parade; he is accompanied by his wife, Helen.

From the opening 50th Reunion Medallion ceremony on Thursday to the Great Bear Parade and Reunion Gala on Saturday evening, alumni showed their Bear pride all weekend. Reconnecting with former friends, and making new ones, mates from the 5th to the 65th classes participated in the celebration, and this year, the 50th Reunion class won the trophy for largest attendance. Class giving also was spectacular, raising more than $8 million for the University—the Class of 1942 won a trophy for the largest increase in class giving. Hats off, indeed!


Alumnus George Trigg gets a "Bear" hug.

(All photos were taken by Joe Angeles, Dan Donovan, Carol House, Kevin Lowder, and Bill Stover.)



CLASS OF 1992 (From left) Stacey Hightower, Sabrina Charles McGirt, and Trina Williams show off their 10th Reunion hats.













CLASS OF 1977 Craig Feronti (left) and Martin Sloan join the other members of the 25th Reunion wearing attire to "tie-dye" for.









CLASS OF 1992 Also celebrating their 10th Reunion are (from left, front row) Jodi Linn, Rebecca Parrilla, Amanda Brokaw, (from left, back row) Doug Cohn, and Erik Papir.