Helping the Poor Build Assets

Research by Professor Michael Sherraden has led to the creation of Individual Development Accounts (IDAs)—an original social development program designed to help people save their way out of poverty.

Forming Bonds and Connections

Risa Zwerling became the University's new "first lady" when she married Chancellor Mark S. Wrighton on July 28, 2000.

Healing with a Keen Eye and Compassion

Janne Mortimer is a physician and researcher who is committed to providing the best care to her breast cancer patients and to developing the best possible therapies.

The Community's College

Through programs offered by University College in Arts & Sciences, adult learners in the community can pursue advanced degrees in the evening at their own pace.

Frontrunners Short takes on WU's community of great minds and great ideas.

Washington Spirit A series spotlighting key faculty and staff who help make this great University run.






Commencement and Reunion

Take a look at some of the excitement, fun, and joy that occurred during Commencement and Reunion.

The Wonderful World of Dexter

A double major of business and fine arts, Dexter Fedor, B. S.B.A. and B.F.A. '79, has used his dual education to create an enchanting career in advertising—one that may eventually lead him to the movies.

Asking "Why?"

Nancy Evans , A.B. '62, is a survivor of breast cancer who has used her illness as an impetus to inform her career. Her activism, writing, editing, and filmmaking address important issues that affect us all.

Lasting Lessons Three alumni describe their favorite teachers.

My Washington E. Desmond Lee, B.S. B.A. '40, has build a second career around giving—all for the betterment of the community.

Alumni Activities Distinguished alunni awards; alumni travel; University Web-site information.

Alumni Profiles Short stories on alumni.

ClassMates Brief items to keep your classmates informed about important changes in your lives.